Flex Pipe’s

Moorhead’s Flex Pipe Expert

Your vehicle’s exhaust system comprises far more than just a muffler and a tail pipe.

In reality, it’s a complicated system of chambers and pipes that begins at the engine and spans the entire length of your car. Naturally, this creates more points at which your exhaust system can fail, but worry not — you’ve got Muffler Man on your side! Our owner and his son have everything it takes to keep your exhaust system in ship shape at a price you can afford.

Do You Need a New Flex Pipe?

One component of particular concern in your exhaust system is its flex pipe. A flex pipe is an essential part of your vehicle’s exhaust system if it is a front or all-wheel drive. The flex pipe keeps your exhaust system from failing as your motor rocks during acceleration as, without the pliability it provides, a large and noisy crack would form quickly in the system. For that reason, a failing flex pipe is easy to detect: You’ll hear a slight hissing leak while the flex pipe is still, for the most part, intact and an extremely obnoxious one once it has broken altogether. Bottoming out is a common cause for flex pipe failure, but normal wear and tear can break it just as well.

Don’t Let a Small Flex Pipe Issue Become an Expensive Repair

An improperly functioning flex pipe can not only be annoying, but may even lead to your vehicle’s entire exhaust system breaking! For that reason, repairing or replacing your flex pipe is absolutely essential if you want to avoid more costly work down the road. We have taken care of thousands upon thousands of flex pipes during our considerable amount of time in business, and have yet to encounter one we couldn’t mend fast and affordably. Our welding means we can cut and weld in a new flex pipe where such a repair would be effective, which saves our clients a lot of money. Don’t let a small hiss ultimately cost you a big fortune — bring your vehicle to Muffler Man today!

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