Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converter Specialist in Moorhead, Minnesota

If your vehicle has no power, it could be a plugged converter, We can do a back pressure test to find out. A PO420 code does not mean it is plugged, just not working up to the computer’s specs. A lot of vehicles have more than one converter, we only change the one that’s bad, saves a lot of money.

Your catalytic converter is an indispensable part of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

It converts exhaust gas into a less toxic substance, which is not only good for the environment, but required by the federal Clean Air Act.

Don’t let an improperly working, or altogether missing, catalytic converter compromise your vehicle’s performance or leave you susceptible to a costly fine — have the experts at Muffler Man address your catalytic converter needs today!

Catalytic Converters

We have optimized our approach to repairing and installing catalytic converters to save our customers money. Over the course of the nearly four decades we have been in business, we have identified our industry’s leading manufacturers of catalytic converters. We can offer you advice on replacement parts made from trusted makers like:

We also install universal parts so as to offer even more cost-effective repair solutions for our customers.

We Service Vehicles of All Makes and Models

We’re a one-stop shop, and we do all of our own cutting and welding in-house. That gives the experts at Muffler Man even further opportunity to create value for you.

What’s more, our catalytic converters are available with two year or 24,000-mile warranties, so you can drive confidently knowing that the work we do is covered by the country’s leading manufacturers.

We have repaired and installed catalytic converters on virtually any vehicle you could expect to see on the road, from the zippiest sports cars to the heaviest trucks.

Whatever you drive, you can bring it to Muffler Man assured that we will provide the perfect fix for your catalytic converter.